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News that is not new anymore

March 28th 2005: A feature that seems to be missing in Oracle SQL seems to be the concatenation of strings within a group by-group. However, with Oracle 10g, the desired result can be achieved with the collect aggregate function.
March 25th 2005: An ORA-00942 indicates that it was tried to select from a view or table that doesn't exist. Unfortunatly, this error does not say which table that was. Setting diagnostic events can be used to reveal the offending select statement.
January 22nd 2005: A type library contains a binary description of an interface exposed by a COM-component. Such type libraries can be read using the ITypeLib and ITypeInfo interfaces. Here's a a quickly hacked program to read such a type library.
January 17th 2005: ming is a C library to create flash movies. It comes with sort of a C++ layer with which I am not very happy. So, I have written a C++ ming wrapper myself. Here are some examples that demonstrate how to use this ming wrapper.
January 11th 2005: Tracer is a simple C++ class that allows to create trace files and write debugging information into them. When I wrote this class, I wanted to have the output of called functions more indented than the output of calling functions. Here's its page.
January 8th 2005: I have finally found some time to update the SQLite Wrapper page. Specifically, the test programs for it. It was overdue!
December 29th 2004: Joel on Software is a popular online forum where bright and not so bright minds discuss various subjects of IT related stuff. Although I like this forum very much, I think it has has two drawbacks. In order to address these drawbacks, I have written a Joel on Software reader.
December 5th 2004: Is Firefox on the rise?
December 2nd 2004: Basic operations with Subversion (such as creating a repository, a project, checking out and commiting and merging).
December 1st 2004: I'd say that more than 90% of the folks who have ever compiled an open source program, have followed this simple recipe steps:
  1. Download
  2. unzip/untar
  3. ./configure
  4. make
  5. make install
I'd also say, that less than 10% of these people know how to assemble a package so that it can be compiled and installed with this recipe. Well, I certainly didn't, so I investigated what is known as the GNU build system.
November 23rd 2004: Ask a Java and a C++ programmer what a's value is after these two lines of code:
int a=5;

Their answer is most likely different.
November 6th 2004: Recursively searching for strings in files, mathematical operations with Dos and then some: Unknown dos box features.
November 3rd 2004: I wanted to setup a CVS repository. However, searching the net, I was not able to find a tutorial that explained in easy steps how to do that. So, I decided to write one myself: Creating a CVS repository (on Windows with cvsnt).
October 22nd 2004: Macromedia Flash internally uses the Macromedia Flash Font Format (=FFT) to store how a font looks like. If one wants to dynamically (for example with Ming or JGenerator) create a Flash movie with embedded text, (s)he must have the font in the FFT format. There is a ttf2fft.exe to convert true type fonts into ffts. Unfortunatly, at least on my Laptop, it cannot be executed. Luckily, I found a TTF2FFT class within the Laszlo Framework which I modified so that it can be run without the Laszlo Framework.
October 18th 2004: I am fascinated by Laszlo. On October 12th, I have already written on how to build Laszlo from sources. But I got also interested in the internal working of the framework because I want to use the framework with a standalone application, that is not as a web application.
October 14th 2004: Word and Excel can be automated, that is, their rich functionality is exposed through a COM interface and can be accessed from any other language that speaks COM. I have already written about this: C++ and MS Word, Perl and MS Word, Excel and MS Word and PL/SQL and MS Word. J-Integra promises to make it possible to make COM interfaces accessible for Java as well. Here's how to automate Word with Java and J-Integra.
October 12th 2004: Laszlo Systems, Inc has recently released Laszlo under an Open Source License. Laszlo creates Flash Applications out of XML (more exactly: LXZ) files. This is reason enough to take a look at Laszlo.
October 9th 2004: I am working on a new laptop. The first thing I need to have installed is MinGW, Perl and vim: Installing MinGW, compiling Perl and vim.
October 8th 2004: I use my laptop at home as well as at various offices. At home, I have a fixed IP address while in the offices where I work, there are usually DHCP servers that assign an IP address to me. NETSH is a command line tool (that comes preinstalled with Windows) that allows to change the IP address with a configuration script. Here are the two configuration scripts.
October 6th 2004: SQLite understands bind variables. I have written a small program (in C) that shows how the SQLite API can be used for bind variables.
October 4th 2004: I got mail commenting on and improving my C++ class to read configuration files.
October 4th 2004: Regular expressions can be used to Split lines on Oracle 10g. This article that shows how.
September 28th 2004: On the Oracle features that allow High Availabilty.
September 25th 2004: I needed regular expressions in a c program. I found that Perl Compatible Regular Expressions perfectly fitted my needs although they were a bit complicated to compile on windows.
September 23rd 2004: A trick to circumvent registration for New York Times.
June 29th 2004: Office Web Components or OWC for short allow to embed excel grids and excel charts on a HTML page (if the HTML is rendered in internet explorer). I find this usable and have made two pages to demonstrate this: Embedding Excel and Embedding an Excel Chart
June 16th 2004: It's amazing how easy it is to generate MS Word documents with a perl script (using Win32::OLE, that is). I have a small perl script to demonstrate exactly that.
May 6th 2004: I have finally scanned and put online some of the pictures taken in pindo deli. Pindo Deli was a project in Indonesia where I programmed a database for a paper mill.
March 4th 2004: Added a A list of tools I think might be useful. As far as I can see, those are all freeware.
Febraury 8th 2004: I have been experimenting with SQLite and I have written a small sample program that shows how to create a table, insert data into it and select from it with the SQLite API.
January 19th 2004: I have put together some c++ classes that allow to embed HTML in a window. It is based on MSHTML. AT the moment, this is somewhat experimental, but I do hope that I can improve the code as well as the (mostly inexistant) documentation.
January 16th 2004: Updated my C++ Web Server. It is now able to handle forms and different URLs.
You can download it with the sources.
November 22nd 2003: I have been playing with OCI recently which resulted in an highly experimental OCI library: adpoci. It allows to connect to a database, create a table, insert into this table and select from this table.
November 20th 2003: Wrote a very basic webserver in Perl.
October 7th 2003: I am gathering news about Oracle 10G and try to summarize it centrally: (incomplete) summary of 10g features.
Update of November 21th 2003: Tamel Poder sent me a presentation of new features of 10g which I was allowed to weave into the page.
October 6th 2003: I am currently working on the database for the swiss telephone book (which is accessible through for private entries and for business entries). I was interested in getting to know the most most common names, firstnames and streets to be found in the telephone book. Here's the result. (As this might be of interest to swiss people, the page is in german.)
August 24th 2003: Updated poor man's text index. This article shows how SQL statements in the form of select x from y where z like '%something%' can be transformed in something that returns faster because it is cleverly indexed.

August 12th 2003: Illy Dially sends me a mail refering the Windows socket class:

Your library is so lightweight and simple to use that we were able to integrate it in just one day, saving a compromised situation. By the way, if you're interested, we've made a slight modification to the SocketServer and SocketSelect classes to allow the option of having non-blocking calls to sockets (we needed that). The modified files are attached to this mail.

Of course, I have updated the class with his changes. It always makes me happy if someone improves things I have put on my website.
July 27th 2003: Somehow, I managed to destroy an NTFS drive so that I couldn't boot Windows anymore. Thanks to Trinux, I was able to recover all data on the Harddisk.
July 26th 2003: Reinhard Ueberschär points out an error in Preventing ORU-10028 and sends me a better solution which I gladly publish.
July 26th 2003: Corrected some errors in the C++ webserver